Barry's Screenplays


Moments in Time

A romance spanning thousands of years: a young graduate student falls in love with her dashing Egyptology professor, who, she begins to realize, seems to know just a little too much about the Middle Kingdom. To her horror she discovers he is a time traveler: he is the Pharaoh Amenhotep VI, and soon he must return to ancient Egypt -- permanently. Will she abandon her safe world and live out her life as Pharaoh's beloved queen? Or will she remain in the world of today -- whose very fabric is now threatened should she not fulfill her destiny? (WGA 890054)

One Day in September

A busy executive at a fast-growing Internet software firm in New York City lives a comfortable and prosperous life, until on one fateful September's day his firefighter father is killed and his business all but destroyed. On that same day, elsewhere in the city, an intensive-care doctor witnesses horrors beyond her imagination. As they try to rebuild their lives, and those of their families, they ask profound questions about humanity, the nature of good and evil, and love -- questions directed to the disembodied Voice that is their constant companion. Warning: many readers have found this play deeply disturbing. (WGA 1044358)


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